We now supply top quality homemade charcoal. This is made from the wood from our farm hedge work. With a mix of hazel, beech, oak, ash etc it makes a top quality BBQ charcoal that will burn hot and for a good long time. Almost no smoke and 100% pure charcoal with no additives like much of the imported charcoal. Available direct from us or from the Lydford and Lifton farm shops. 

Dont just take our word for it as just got this feedback from one happy customer 

"Essentially I’ve found that most standard retail charcoal, even Big Green Egg charcoal that claims to be the best with a price tag to match, is very woody and only partly combusted, which gives it an unpleasant burn, produces more flame for less heat, and eventually more ash. Your charcoal lights very easily and relights easily after being snuffed out. It burns very cleanly and gives a very controllable heat (particularly when I need it to be quite low and to burn for a long time), and a very high heat when required. I did three pork shoulders on Sunday, using less than a single bag, I lit the Egg at 10:00am, and eventually put it out at 9:00pm having held it at C110, and there was still more charcoal left at the end."